Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sometimes I surprise myself...sometimes.

This weekend begins the holiday season in Salado with Christmas in October. Last year was my first year having a booth in a store there and didn't realize how important it is to be at least one season ahead and have been working on some goodies to bring....

Like this sign.

I wanted to attempt to make something rustic, like it had been passed down through the family. It took everything I had not to cover it in a thick coat of paint.

To leave some of the small mistakes I had made (like the paint drip that looks like it belongs).

And to sand it more than I was comfortable with. I had changed my mind at the last minute to change the shading to gray and went against my normal routine and just painted over the red. If I could have sanded it with my eyes closed so that I couldn't see the gray disappearing  in some spots, I would have. But that also comes with the risk of losing a major portion of skin and I really don't have time for that.

This sign is nothing like I expected...and that's a good thing. I am in love with the roughness around the edges, the contrast with the gray and red, and the message it conveys.

Another great thing about this sign...

It's made out of cedar, which makes it great for outside. But the back is not painted for a reason. The smell. There is something about the smell of cedar that I love and have found quite a few people that agree.

So, it's hard to let this sign go, especially since it taught me that going against my usual ways is good.

And I may just surprise myself...

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