Sunday, September 21, 2014

All That Glitters...

Sooooo, I felt like I was getting on a roll with getting new blog posts up, but since (and during) the last time I put a new blog post up I was in the middle of getting my girls ready for school, my girls started school (=new schedule to get used to), I fell a little behind on orders and needed to catch up, I decided I wanted to devote more time to my retail space that I have not given it  and I got sick...BUT, the good news is I'm slowly working out a schedule that will let me post more often.

Anywho, let's get down to what you came for...glitter!!

I recently ordered some new German glass glitter from Meyer Imports and while paint was drying on orders, I have been having some fun with it. I have used it before on chipboard letters and turned them in to magnets. While digging through my craft hoard  stash I found an obscene amount of wood clothes pins and the glue and glitter started flying.

Working with the glass glitter is a really easy, fun and cheap way to add a little sparkle to ordinary things. Meyer Imports also sells a glue that works great, but I've also had really good luck with the Elmer's Glue All glue. Make sure it's not the school glue though, it's not strong enough to hold the heavy glitter on your item.
I'm a big fan of the glitter in a simple jar for decoration also. My girls and I made a quick trip to Hobby Lobby one day and I found some really cute small jars and tags that I thought would work for small wish jars. When the 11 year old excitedly agrees and asks for one for her room, you snap the supplies up.
I just used some small stamps I had on hand with some Tim Holtz metal tags and tied it on with some red and white baker's twine. How fun would these be as Christmas ornaments? I'm also debating about putting them in my Etsy shop, some sparkle to balance out all the wood.
In my downtime watching paint dry I also start looking at things I have lying around to reuse for something fun. I had a thick cardboard tube that had potential. I took it out to my saw, cut off a chunk of it and craftiness ensued.
I cut random pieces out to make it in to a quirky little crown.

That this quirky girl decided to try on...


  1. Cute, cute!! I pinned that it!

  2. So much glitter I love it! That crown is super cute.

  3. I love the little crown. I like the look of the glass glitter as well.