Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Great Salsa Experiment

Let me start this with saying that I am not food blogger so I apologize for the lack of photos documenting the steps and my lackluster {boring} set up of the photos I did take!

I have been on a quest. A quest to find a salsa that meets all the requirements my husband has on his checklist when determining a great salsa. Over the last few months I have been experimenting and so far, this one is the keeper.

He likes the texture to be almost soup like. His Memaw used to make and can her own salsa and that is what he holds his standards to. She sent the recipe she used home with him one day and it was quite intimidating. Not the steps, but the part that the recipe was written to make 9 quarts. When I picked up my Salsa and Guac pack from Bountiful Baskets {love!} I sat down and worked the recipe in to a manageable amount. After tons of chopping and cooking it for 2 hours, we realized that we are not fans of a vinegar-y salsa, and this was. Also, the 2 hour cooking time isn't exactly the best when you want salsa right away.
I tried a salsa verde recipe the next day that only required roasting the main ingredients for 15 minutes and then run it through the food processor. Easy peasy.
So this past weekend I bought everything I needed to make salsa and tried roasting all the main ingredients and then running it through my Ninja blender. It was good but it was missing something and I made the mistake of throwing 3 {3!!} unseeded jalapenos in and it literally took all night for me to regain feeling in my mouth.
Out that batch went and I researched what the mystery ingredient could be. The answer: cumin. One more trip to the grocery store and this is the formula that works for us:
4 lbs. of roma tomatoes
1 onion
2 jalapenos {deseeded!}
2 cloves of garlic
1 bell pepper
Cut the onion and bell pepper {after cleaning out seeds} in half. Remove the stem portion of the tomatoes. Place everything on a baking sheet and roast for 15-20 minutes at 400 degrees. Flip halfway through.
Add items to blender or food processor {I ran mine for a second with half of the tomatoes in it} and pulse a few times. Then add:
2 tsp. cumin
kosher salt to taste
fresh cilantro to taste
Blend everything to the consistency of your choosing. Like I said, my husband likes his salsa almost soup like so I ran mine for a minute or so.
This recipe made about 10 cups. I'll have to update you on how long and how well it lasts. Without the vinegar it may not last as long since vinegar works as a preservative.
I do know that it is really good. It's yummy on just chips and it was fantastic on cilantro lime rice we had with dinner the other night. My husband even used it on his eggs the other morning. And it looks super cute in these cute little jars that you can use to trick people in to thinking you're an old pro when it comes to canning!

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