Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Day I Lost My Measuring Tape

If you are a creative type, there is a chance that you have a special item you use daily that you have a special bond with. For some it may be a pair of scissors, others it may be a special pen. This is mine.

It's not much. A cheap measuring tape that I bought because I thought the bright green would make it easier to find {which it doesn't}. It was one of the very first tools I bought myself when I started making signs. We've been through a lot together.

Like this weekend...

We went to Home Depot to get some trim for the projects we're doing on the outside of the house. My youngest was in charge of keeping up with it. That didn't last long as she forgot it in the car {luckily her sister remembered it}. Trim was picked and as we were walking to the register, my husband asked for it one more time to measure an different trim. Purchase was made and we went home.

A little bit after being home my husband sent my daughter {the one that was supposed to be in charge of it} to ask me for the tape measure. I sent her back to him to remind him that he was the last person to have. A search of the car, purse, house, pockets and any other spot we could think of ensued. Finally, we had to face the fact that it was gone.

A trip to Wal-Mart later in the evening included a new measuring tape purchase. It was a long process. Is this cheaper brand I've never heard of a good one? Why are they all self locking? {Part of my thinking process on a project is me absent mindedly clicking the locking tab up and down.} Do I need a longer one? Why are there so many special features for a measuring tape? I decided to go with a basic 16 foot measuring tape, but still I was questioning the self locking feature.

My wonderful husband suggested we go back to Home Depot to look at a few items we forgot to look at earlier in the day. As we walked in, I crossed my fingers in my mind that as we walked past the customer service desk it would be sitting there. Nope. I even thought about asking them.

 "Umm...excuse me. Did anyone happen to bring in a black and green measuring tape? One that looks like it has been loved and appreciated by a woman for years and means the world to her?"

 I'm pretty sure they would have pointed me in the direction of the aisle of measuring tapes they would gladly sell me.

Walking through the store we made our way to the lumber department again. Walking past the register, I saw measuring tape sitting there next to the register. I immediately began laughing and when my husband looked at me, all I could do was point. The cashier probably thought we were crazy as we walked over laughing. After telling her that I had lost my measuring tape after an earlier visit in the day, I was pretty sure that it was mine. She happily handed it over saying that it had been sitting there since we accidentally left it there earlier in the day.

My husband has now inherited a 16 foot self locking measuring tape. So far he loves that special feature.

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