Saturday, March 24, 2012

Party Central Weekend

The theme of the day? Birthday party! We just got home from one and will be heading out soon for my husband's birthday party at his mom's. And we had to turn down a few!

Between birthday parties and a field trip to the zoo, not much has happened here on the creative front. But it was a beautiful day for the zoo yesterday. My daughter's favorite was this little guy, or girl...

I convinced my youngest that I climbed in to get this photo.

Apparently a 6 year old doesn't look long enough to see the reflection of mom's arm in the glass. And would you check out the legs on these ladies! (They may very well be men, but with legs like that, you're a woman in my book!)

The zoo was a nice break from being inside painting and covered in sawdust. And after the day of birthday parties, it's back to work. I have a big order to get out to some excited cheerleaders and to get more items in at Snickelbritches.

I almost forgot! Big changes are coming next week that are going to open up the flood gates of possibilities for new items! Can't wait to tell you!

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