Saturday, March 28, 2015

Turtle Eggs and Dirty Diamonds

This is it. My first "life in between post". I'll get back to the sign making or crafty stuff with the next post, pinky promise.

My husband and I have been on an over-haul, we're finally getting healthy plan since the beginning of the year. One of the super foods I have been pondering is quinoa.

So what does quinoa have to do with the title of this post? If you live in my home...everything.

My 9 year old likes to take new things that she doesn't understand and turn it in to a perfectly understandable idea that works for her and may just leave you in stitches.

Like the quinoa.

While holding a bag of it in the grocery store, and debating if this was the week we were going to try it, my daughter turns her attention from poking every single bag of rice to excitedly exclaim,

"Oh! Look at all those tiny little turtle eggs! We're not going to eat those are we? I don't think I could."

Which was followed by laughter from my fellow shoppers as I turned to see exactly what she was talking about. She was looking at me wide eyed and pointing at the bag of quinoa I was holding.

Sorry quinoa...maybe we'll see what you're all about another week.

Later in the week, my mother in law wanted to take the girls, while they were on Spring break, to the Waco Mammoth Site and I tagged along for the ride.

We were there early and the girls took advantage of browsing the gift shop while I stood outside and took a phone call.

"Mom...MOM!! They are selling diamonds in there for $5!! I mean they're really dirty but I know we can clean them!"

Luckily the phone call was my mom. And the dirty diamonds were crystal quartz from Brazil. And I didn't buy a single mammoth item from the gift shop but made sure I went back to get us one of the dirty diamonds.

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