Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Vintage Inspired Halloween

Browsing around blog land I have come to realize that I may be the only one that has not decorated for Fall yet. Why not? For 2 simple reasons:

1. I find it hard to get in the Fall spirit when it is still the temperature is still hovering between 90 and 100.
2. My family really loves for me to decorate for Halloween.

One year I didn't put anything up for Halloween and that was pretty scary. My now 8 year old has always loved to watch the transformation and she threw a full on fit that year that it was Halloween and we didn't have one single Halloween decoration out. Now she's sure to remind me that it is coming up and will even ask her father to get the Halloween bucket out of the attic as a visual reminder that I need to put the decorations up.

This is our mantel from last year, it's been the typical Halloween mantel for us...

Some dollar store items mixed in with some pumpkins and lights. Sometimes it's more, sometimes it's less... and sometimes is nothing :) .
This year I'm wanting to change it up a bit. If you know me, you know that I am a vintage lover to my core. I'll take dusty and rusty over brand new and sparkly any day. I was absolutely tickled to see that Hobby Lobby had some vintage reproductions in their Halloween section. I need to set a week aside to go in daily to use my 40% off coupon. Scratch that, I just realized they have marked Halloween 40% off!
I decided to browse Pinterest to get some ideas...
I pinned all of these that were linked back to various blogs and websites but soon found out that they all came from the very talented Johanna Parker Design. I love how authentic they look, I'm sure they look even more like actual vintage pieces in person.
I also found some really fun collections that are displayed beautifully. This wall collection would be so fun above the mantel or as a display wall for your trick or treaters to drool over when you open the door.

And I love this collection of crepe paper characters. I'm learning that crepe paper was essential when it came to decorating.
And I love how this one mixes some Halloween in with their dishes and everyday things. {And the link leads to a slideshow with some other great ideas!}

Have I got your vintage loving creative juices flowing? Well, then here are a couple vintage themed printables that I found and will be definitely using somehow with my decorations.
Click here for the fun cupcake toppers and here for the vintage Halloween banner.
I'm looking forward to using some of these ideas I've shared with you to bring a little Halloween in to our home. I have already asked my husband to save all the tree branches he plans on trimming off our tree this weekend for my Halloween decorating. Stay tuned and I will be posting pictures soon! 


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