Friday, January 17, 2014

For My Rhinestone Cowboy...

I'm about to show my husband's age. He was the tender age of 3 when the song Rhinestone Cowboy came out and he was hooked. He just knew when he grew up that he would be one. He did become a cowboy, but thankfully not a rhinestone in sight. He's more of a nothing better than an old, broken in pair of cowboy boots/would rather be outside/one of these days we'll have a ranch filled with cattle/get it done kind of cowboy. And that's one of the reasons I love him.

Anyways, he is a huge fan of Glen Campbell and has always loved this line from Wichita Lineman. I don't remember exactly when he mentioned it to me but I looked up the song and from time to time I would think I needed to do something with those lyrics as a gift for him. Last week I started working on ideas for signs for our bedroom and these lyrics came to the surface again.

I picked through my wood collection hoard and found this piece of scrap that measures 7" wide and 38" tall and started the design. I have found that working on a design for something that is staying in my home is the most brutal part. I am my worst customer. Our bedroom is a rustic/industrial type of feel so I wanted the design to be a little country, a little modern.

Believe it or not, I designed and painted this right under my husband's nose without him ever realizing it was for him. I had to let the paint sit over night before distressing so I showed him before it was completely done. First response was, "Where do I know that quote from?" which was quickly followed by, "You remembered?! This is for us right?!". Like I mentioned before, he's ready for me to decorate our house with my creations instead of everyone else's.

Yesterday was the fun part. Taking the sand paper to it, heavily. I usually distress the edges with a palm sander but for all over projects like this I prefer to do it by hand. I feel more in control of the distressing and if I press a little harder in some parts I don't have to worry about it gouging the wood. Plus, you can't always get this old worn out feel with a palm sander.

Since the wood scrap I used was plywood, I nailed a few smaller pieces of scrap lumber on the back to make the sign stand out on the wall instead of sitting flush. I like the feel of the varying thickness of wood and I didn't want this one to get lost on the wall.

Now I just have to get some more ideas to get this wall filled up! Any suggestions?!

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